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Mercury Wood Products Is a leading supplier of quality wood products and decorative surfaces to Kitchen, Furniture and Commercial Woodworking manufacturers.


  • Exclusive textured TFL (melamine) and matching laminates by FRATI. Made in Italy – available from stock.
  • Exclusive Pianovo Gloss, Pianovo Matt, Pianovo Weave and Pianovo Metal panels by NIEMANN.
    Made in Germany – available from stock.
  • Exclusive ON TREND series. Textured TFL (melamine) and matching laminates. Made in Canada – available from stock.
  • Well known PIONITE laminates, featuring the new INDULGENCE collection of over 20 contemporary woodgrains. Available from stock.
  • PANOLAM TFL (melamine) collection. Available from stock.
  • PIONITE FRL wall protection panels.
Neimann Gruppo Frati
Niemann Möbelteile
High gloss PET panels create a visual impact for interiors. Scratch, abrasion and water-resistant surfaces are easy to clean and ideal for any kind of furniture.
Gruppo Frati
Designer melamines, high pressure laminates and matching edges. Complete panels for furniture, kitchens, millwork etc.
Look for FSC® certified products

Panolam : Gruppo Frati : Niemann