The Company
Mission Statement
At Mercury Wood Products, we are committed bringing the best surface and panel products available to our customers in the design community and in the woodworking industry.

We will continue to develop and enhance our product range, by combining staple brands with exclusive, trendsetting products from World Leading Manufacturers.

About The Company
Since 1998, Mercury Wood Products has grown in the marketplace as a reliable and effective supplier to the woodworking industry. We supply and service a wide area of Southern Ontario, as an excellent source for domestic and imported panel products and decorative surfaces.

We are distinctive and trendsetting in pioneering exclusive, modern panel products from leading European manufacturers, and are a popular choice for designers seeking a contemporary, European look. Our exclusive lines are seen in kitchen, furniture, millwork and store fixture projects throughout North America

Mercury products are available in attractive, refillable sample packages, showcasing contemporary colour and texture.

We are proud to partner with the following companies: Doellken-Woodtape, supplying custom edge solutions; WhiteOak Custom Woodworking, supplying kitchen components and Formations inc., as exclusive distributors through Western Canada.